The UAE’s First uPVC Windows & Doors Manufacturer

Founded in 1993 as a UAE-German Joint Venture, TAMCO became the manufacturer in the UAE for uPVC Windows & Doors. Since then we have striven to provide the best quality products and service to our customers.

With visionary leadership and a dedicated team, TAMCO set out to design Windows & Doors specifically for the Arabian Gulf climate and created products that today still meet every challenged posed by the formidable environment. Over the past 30 years, our engineers and technicians have continually innovated ways to make TAMCO products perfect for the harsh desert climate, from heat insulation to dust, sand, and soundproof windows. In the saline-heavy climate of the Emirates, all TAMCO products are free from electrolytic corrosion, ensuring that our products last far longer than others in the market as well as offering little to no maintenance for the client.

Aside from the environmental challenges of the UAE, TAMCO meets every design challenge from all of our clientele. From customizing skylights and curtain walls to matching doors and windows with the home or villa design, the TAMCO design team is perfectly trained for ensuring that our products complement and enhance your home. Whether it’s slanted, curved, square, or a design you just thought of, at TAMCO, we can make it a reality.

“We are always striving to make sure that our products last the test of time and we’re very proud that for 30 years, we’ve always achieved our goal”Harris Mohammed, General Manager - TAMCO

Our Facility

With our spacious, 7500 sqm manufacturing facility, TAMCO has the capabilities to tackle projects of all sizes, from villas and residential homes to large-scale office or industrial buildings. Our state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with our highly trained engineers and technicians ensures that only the best product reaches your building. From our Master Fabricators to our rigorous Quality Control agents, every TAMCO products gets special individual attention to design, structure, and quality to guarantee the level of high quality that has become the hallmark of TAMCO products.

The TAMCO Team


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