Add Dazzling Elegance & Grandeur to your home

TAMCO curtain walls are a wonderful addition to any home, villa or business wanting a sense of prestige & grandiosity. Stunning and beautiful on the outside while creating and open & spacious feeling on the inside, our curtain walls are designed to withstand the harshest weather while still looking amazing.

TAMCO curtain walls are available in Standard, 2 Way Structural Glazing and/or 4 way structural glazing and can be customized to fit the most complex or large-scale designs. Our team of highly trained experts will also ensure that your Curtain Wall is perfectly installed.

Standard Design

TAMCO’s uPVC Curtain Walls are best for complicated customized shapes with arches, curves, slopes and different levels of elevation and can be steel cladded to give a sharp and elegant look to their profile


2 Way Structural Glazing

In 2-Way structural design, glass joints are filled with top grade Structure Silicon in one direction (Horizontal or Vertical) while the other sides are affixed with pressure plates and covers


4 Way Structural Glazing

WIth 4-way structural glazing, the glass joints are filled with top grade structure silicon on ALL Side and are then affixed with pressure plates and cover, giving a clean, seamless look to the outside


Why TAMCO Curtain Walls?

Thermal insulation & Energy Efficient
  • Complete thermal insulation due to uPVC material
  • Large- hollow chamber of uPVC profiles to prevent energy loss
  • Framework material group 1 in compliance with DIN 4108
Water Proof & Sound Insulated
  • Two layers of high quality EPDM gasket provides 2 layers of water protection
  • Drainage design provides extra protection against leakages
  • Multi-chamber allows noise reduction
  • Up to sound proof Class 3
Neat & Sleek Appearance
  • The sight line of the profiles is designed to be at 60 mm. to avoid a bulky look
  • All connector accessories, screws and steels are internally hidden
  • The external aluminum glass holding profiles are available in a standard width and in different depths
High Wind Load Performance
    • Static load bearing elements that are capable of weathering the toughest winds
    • Strong steel profile adds strength to carry extra weight.

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