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At TAMCO, our Design Engineers are dedicated to tailoring our products specifically to your home or project. Using the latest design software & technology, our team of experts is capable of ensuring that your exact specifications are always met. With our close attention to detail combined with our extensive experience working in the UAE, TAMCO delivers elegant, secure, affordable and maximum energy saving Windows & Door solutions without compromising quality. The TAMCO design team assists you step-by-step on crafting the best design for your project, keeping in mind various factors specific to the UAE, such as wind load, heat transference, and rain rate while also keeping in mind aesthetics. So whether it’s a massive curtain wall or a complicated arch design, no project is too complex for the TAMCO team.

Over 25 years of Expertise, Dedication & Quality Designs


Over the past 2 decades, TAMCO has developed a keen ability to portray 3-D representations of our products. All of our Windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights and conservatories are rendered with special software that allows our team to design and ultimately arrive at the most practical, user-friendly and beautiful final design. This software is great for both looking for errors and giving the client a clear idea of what their TAMCO product will look like.


With TAMCO’s fully-equipped CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Center we are capable of taking on the toughest designs and projects. With our crew of experienced design engineers, all of your requirements for your home or project are discussed before preparing the final drawing. Our engineers are able to consult on technical parameters and safety rules as well as comfortable & aesthetic designs that would be most beneficial to your particular area.

Engineering DRAWINGS

TAMCO’s Engineering Drawings are prepared with the utmost importance to details, ensuring that the client has an easy understanding of the each product and its design features. The drawings aim to highlight the final appearance of each project with each product elevation produced as per the actual site conditions. TAMCO’s policy is to offer practical solutions while ensuring both correct technical requirements and beautiful aesthetics.

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