Fast, Professional & Safe: The TAMCO Way

Proper installation is perhaps one of the most important stages of delivering perfect working units that ensure lifelong functioning. TAMCO follows the highest international safety standards and regulations during our installation process. Each member of our installation team has been subjected to the strictest levels of training, ensuring all installations are carried out with only the highest degree of efficiency, professionalism, safety and quality.

Why TAMCO Installation?

High-Quality Materials

TAMCO uses very high quality installation materials like self-tapping steel screens, high density PU foams & high quality structural silicon. Proper expansion joints are provided for expansion & contracting of window elements as per local weather conditions.

Attention to Detail

Tamco Engineers regularly monitor the project sites and make valuable contributions for preparing the right window openings. Special attention is paid for the final finishing of the civil openings; which includes proper plastering, stone and wall joints, marble & tiles finishing as the case may be.

Guaranteed No Leak

Windows & doors installed by TAMCO technicians are fully guaranteed against Air & water leakages with extra levels of protection of foams and sealants added during installation to make sure no water or liquids enter your building.

Post-Work Cleanup

Installation is a messy process that often times leaves the area around it dirtier than before. However, with the TAMCO installation team, cleanup is part of our procedure and we make sure tour work area cleaner than when we started.

TAMCO Specialty Installations

Skylights, conservatories and curtain walls offer a bit more of a challenge than windows and doors when installing, with extra factors such as wind load needing to be taken into account. For the TAMCO installation team this extra challenge is no issue. For over two decades we have proven our ability to take on these specialty installations with nothing but successful outcomes and continue in making sure every single one of our products is fitted to perfection.

From proper preparations like cleaning and preparing surfaces to ensuring perfect alignment in the product elements, the fully certified TAMCO installation crew continues to be one of the most trusted installation teams in the UAE