Lets the Breeze in, Not the Bugs

When the weather becomes hot and humid it brings with it a multitude of insects all swarming to get inside your house. Luckily, TAMCO flyscreens offer the best solution. With our high quality, extra fine mesh, you and your house, farm house, or majlis are safe from flies, mosquitoes and other small critters, all of which are unable to get through TAMCO’s specially designed screens.



Vertical flyscreens and blinds are the most popular design for windows. TAMCO vertical flyscreens and blinds use the innovative “clip-on” system and are designed for a huge variety of windows.



Horizontal fly screen are designed specifically to be used on doors/sliding windows. This model uses a very low bottom profile to ensure a minimal height of the threshold(specially used for hinged doors)



A the perfect option for screening a wide range of architectural openings such as bi-folding doors, French doors, windows and sliding doors. Ideal for large span openings and limited reveal spaces.

Why TAMCO Flyscreens?

  • Connector.


    Our Mesh netting is designed to survive even the most intense heat & environments without tearing or splitting at the seams

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    TAMCO flyscreens are built with high quality roller systems that offer a sleek but simple design that makes operating easy

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    Perfect for Airing out Rooms

    Lets in fresh air to help get rid of strong odors while still ensuring that bugs stay out


COMFORT vs Mosquitos

  • With summer usually comes humidity and humidity usually brings the mosquitoes. These pests can be a major hindrance when you need to open your windows to air out your house or let in a nice draft. Mosquitoes, along with flies and gnats, bring not only the problem of irritation with them, but also potential germs.

  • Thankfully, TAMCO offers high-quality, extra fine mesh netting that can keep these biting pests out of your home while letting in a nice breeze. Available in easy-to-use designs and customizeable sizes, TAMCO flyscreens are the perfect fit for any summer home, farmhouse or kitchen, letting you enjoy the breeze without the fear of mosquitoes and other pests.

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