For a long time, glass was never given the full importance it deserved. Only today people are realizing the amazing impacts glass can have, especially in Desert climates like the UAE. With amazing abilities to drastically increase heat insulation from outside, glass has become a necessity for keeping your home cool, especially during the summer months. TAMCO has been dedicated to manufacturing the most energy efficient windows in the Emirates and so it is crucial for us to also use the most energy efficient glass available. We provide a wide selection of high quality glazing and glass designs that can be customized to fit your home.

Selecting Your Glass

Glass undergoes many different processes before it is made for specific use. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right kind of glass that fits exactly what you want, be it privacy, maximum heat efficiency or simply to look beautiful. Selecting the right glass has become more and more difficult over time due to the availability of more options but our TAMCO Glass Experts can help guide you to make the perfect choice for your project. In addition to our wide range of processed glass types, TAMCO also offers a huge variety of colored and reflective glass coatings, to enhance your home both elegantly & efficiently.


Reflective Glass

Bonding two or more panes of glass together with aluminum spacers at the edge and hermetically sealing them together creates insulated glazing. After that, dry air or inert gases can be added in the cavity (which can range from 6-20mm) for extra heat insulation, making your home even more energy efficient.

Laminated glass is the sandwiching of two or more panes of glass with layers of poly-vinyl butyl (PVB) in between to form a single pane. Also called Safety Glass, laminated glass is incredibly strong and durable and can be used for burglar or bullet proofing an area.

stained glass windows, energy saving windows

Tempering makes the glass 4 times stronger and is what most TAMCO window panes are made with.

Heat strengthening can make the glass Twice as Strong without distorting the glass.

Sandblasted glass is glass which has been blasted with compressed air with sand particles, making the glass opaque but beautifully translucent. Sandblasted glass can be used for a wide variety of purposes including Privacy Glass.

Removing, smoothing and polishing rough and exposed edges to give refined look

This process makes the glass 4 times strongerthan annealed float glass

stained glass windows

The exposed edges of polished glass have been polished and made smooth to ensure safety easy-use

This glass is made by joining different colored glass by lead and forming an image. The stained glass is normally 3-6mm thick and can be double glazed inside the cavity. This is to provide safety and strength to the stained glass.

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Decorate your glass with unlimited design choices

We have a variety of designs for stained glass windows classified as above, available in our showroom. We are free to customize designs of your choice and unit requirements.



Privacy Glass

All TAMCO Doors & Windows can be fitted with several types of stylish Privacy Glass, which gives you better privacy in your home, allowing you to relax with peace of mind while still letting in natural sunlight. Our options include several ranges of opacity, letting you choose just how private you want you want your home.

Varieties of Decorative Glazing

Normal Stained Glass

Crystal/Beveled stained glass

Design sandblasted glass

Design sandblasted with painting

Design sandblasted with gold leaf

Fused glazing

Safety First
Size Restrictions:

Sheets of glass are usually imported or manufactured in large sizes of about 3m x 2m. At TAMCO, our engineers are always concerned with safety and will advise you if the size of your window is within safety standards and make use of the maximum sheet. A double glazing with 6+12+6 combination is not recommended above 2m x 2m size.