Added Security & Protection from the Outside Elements

Strong, convenient and useful, TAMCO roller shutters add protection against harsh climates and unwanted intrusions as well as offering easy access to garages and store rooms. Our Roller Shutters come in a variety of operating systems, specific to fit your needs.

TAMCO Roller Shutters are available to be installed in several varieties, including: EXTERNAL, INTERNAL or TOTALLY CONCEALED and are available for customization so as to fit the look of your building or house while still looking professional and offering that extra layer of security.

Varieties of Roller Shutters


Easy-to-use and practical, our Manual roller shutters are perfect for convenience & easy access. Available in either a belt-driven pulley system or in a crankshaft turn function, TAMCO Manual Roller Shutters are great for Kiosks & Outdoor Storage Sheds!


TAMCO Motorized Roller Shutters ensure easy operation through push button or automatic operation. Sensors, time switches, fingertip switches or wireless operation via remote control and are great for car garages and factory go downs! 

System Integrated

TAMCO Integrated Roller Shutter systems integrate the roller shutter box seamlessly into the window niche, hidden inside so that even when mounted inside the room will not interrupt room interior. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms!

Roller Shutters are great at adding extra security and privacy while also insulating the home from heatDenil, TAMCO Design Engineer


Venetian blinds add beauty to your architecture by providing soft room lighting to your home. Venetian blinds or groups of blinds can be controlled easily through the programmable radio-remote control



Convenient for high, large and/or hard to reach windows

Color Choices

Choose from a wide variety of colors for your blinds



Easy-to-use and long lasting, perfect for every-day, quick use

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