Let in natural light to create an Open & Spacious living area

TAMCO’s durable, high quality skylights are a marvelous addition to any house, due to their strength, durability and of course, their stunning designs. Available in both uPVC or specially fabricated Aluminium, and offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, TAMCO skylights transform both the inside and outside of your home and add an overall sense of refined styleAside from their beauty, Our skylights are water tight and incredibly durable, able to withstand the UAE’s harshest seasons. Our Skylights also lighten otherwise dim areas, as well as opening up smaller spaces, giving an overall feeling of spacious luxury. By allowing sunlight to brighten a room (as opposed to light bulbs), the room takes on a more relaxing and welcoming look.

Popular Skylight Designs

Unique, bold and daring, this design adds a sharp sophistication to your home
Simple and practical, this style is great for modern homes with clean, minimalist designs
Majestic & awe inspiring, Barrel Vault skylights are great for large, high-ceilinged homes
Traditional, elegant and graceful, Dome skylights add the perfect touch of class to any home or villa
When designing a skylight for a building, TAMCO aims for designs that work with the buildings exterior but that also adds its own flare and beauty

Skylight Installation: A TAMCO SPECIALITY

  • Installing skylights are a new kind of challenge in the realm of installations. Aside from maintaining continuity with the roof and meeting stringent water shedding requirements, other challengers of skylight installation include the need to create an insulated well in order to prevent leakages in the home.
  • Our team of installation experts at TAMCO have been installing Skylights for over 25 years and are capable of ensuring only the best and highest quality when fitting a skylight onto your building. From start to finish, the TAMCO team always makes sure that every skylight is perfectly installed and ready to meet the harsh environment of the UAE.

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