Dramatically Reduces Outside Heat & Noise

TAMCO’s energy-efficient windows are designed with glazing “systems” that incorporate Double or Triple panes of glass, gas fillings, and high-tech, heat-sensitive coatings. With the UAE’s intense summers, upgrading to TAMCO glazed windows can help reduce the temperature to both increase comfort in your home and reduced energy costs.
Insulated glazing units are two or more glass panels bonded to a perimeter spacer with a hermetically sealed cavity. Two panes and single cavity contributes to double glazing whereas three panes and two cavities contribute to triple glazing. TAMCO offers a wide array of customizing glazing options including different types of colors, thickness, cavities, gas filling and lamination.

Selecting the Right Glazing for Your Home

Glazing configurations can be classified as Single, Double & Triple Glazing. As the names suggests, Single Glazing includes one layer of glass, Double Glazing includes two layers and Triple Glazing includes three layers. The Greater the number of glass layers, the greater the insulating value of the window or door. Combinations of certain Glazing Options, Glass Types, Metallic Films and Chemical Gas Fillers etc. can also provide significant insulating efficiency.

Double Glazing

Bonding of two panes with the use of aluminum spacer at the edges and hermetically sealing the joint. Air is trapped in the cavity. The desiccants filled in the aluminum spacer absorbs the moisture thus making it dry air.

This is very important to avoid condensation inside the double glazed unit.The cavity can also be filled with inert gas like argon or krypton to get better insulation. The cavity can vary from 6mm to 20mm.

Triple Glazing

Bonding of three panes with the use of two aluminum spacer at the edges and hermetically sealing the joint. There will be two cavities which can be filled with dry air or inert gases, improving the u-value, and thus the efficiency, of the glass.

Triple glazing can help reduce condensation on your windows as well as offering a significant reduction in noise pollution – making it ideal for those living in noisy, crowded areas.

Important Factors for Maximizing Energy Efficiency

For Air Conditioning & Solar control, selecting the correct glazing for your needs should be based on three criteria:

  • Light Transmission: MORE is better
  • Solar Factor: The LESS the better
  • Heat Transfer: The LESS the better

You can help dramatically reduce the Solar Factor & Heat Transfers by combining several of these techniques to make sure your home is as energy effieicnet as possible:

  • Selecting darker, reflective glass for the exterior
  • Choosing Low E Glass (Energy Efficient reflective coating)
  • Widening the cavity between the panes
  • Adding inert gas such as Argon or Krypton within the cavities

Heat Insulation

With summer temperatures averaging 45-50 °C, heat insulation is a necessity in the UAE. TAMCO Glazing is specifically designed & manufactured to keep away the desert heat from the interior of your home. TAMCO Double & Triple Glazing maximizes heat reflection technology on exterior panes, allowing natural light to enter while still ensuring the highest degree of heat insulation.

With Double & Triple Glazing its possible to:

  • Lower the overall uValue
  • Ensure that light still enters
  • Reflect much of the heat from outside
“Here in the UAE, or anywhere in the Gulf, if you really want to make sure your house stays as cool as possible, Double or Triple Glaze Windows are MUST”Vinu Varghese- TAMCO Glass Engineer

Why Laminated Glass?

Two or more panes of glass are sandwiched together with layers of poly-vinyl butyl (PVB) in between, creating an incredibly strong & durable single pane increasing heat & sound insulation.

The thickness can vary as per your requirement and most kinds of glasses and colors can be used in customizing for your home. Laminated glass is great for 

  • Sound Reduction
  • Safety Glass
  • Burglar Proof
  • UV protection
  • Overhead glazing
  • Railings

Loud Neighbors? No Problem!

With increased population and traffic it has become harder to find a quiet place in today’s cities. Unlike many other windows, TAMCO’s double glazed windows are perfect for keeping your home nice and quiet. Based on combinations of thickness and glass type (i.e. laminated), TAMCO double glazed windows are capable of reducing outside sound decibels (dBs) up to 43-46 dbs!


Example: If your home is situated in a densely populated area with high traffic levels, the average decibel level is most likely around 90dB. With a TAMCO uPVC window with laminated glass would reduce sound by 43-46 dbs, meaning, meaning your home would then become an average 50dB household.

This special glazing, coupled with our high quality sealant technology means that you won’t have to worry about noisy neighbors, heavy traffic, airplanes taking off or any other loud and obnoxious noises. With TAMCO Double & Triple glazed Windows, you can relax in peace.

All Insulated glazing units provided by TAMCO have a 10 year dual seal warranty