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As the first uPVC manufacturer of windows in the UAE, TAMCO has been specifically designing windows for desert climates for the last 25 years and continues to engineer new ways in which our products can best serve your home and environment, from state-of-the-art sealant technology for keeping out sand and dust to specialized 5 chambered uPVC profiles that help create amazing thermal insulation from the outside heat, TAMCO always finds the best solution for your needs, and we also provide anti theft windows.  On top of our A Grade materials, technologies and designs, TAMCO’s beautiful windows are totally customizable, meaning that whatever shape or design you can think of, TAMCO can make Complex arch designs and uniquely sized windows are not a problem for our designers and engineer who will work tirelessly to make sure your windows look exactly like what you had in mind, without compromising quality.


With a simple, easy-to-use design, TAMCO Tilt Windows are a great addition to any room where you want a fresh breeze but don’t need to open the window fully. Attached from the bottom and opening from the top, these windows are also ideal for child safety sensitive areas thanks to the limited opening.

One of our most popular designs, TAMCO Turn & Tilt Windows offer a sleek and classic look while also adding improved comfort, safety and security and aesthetics to your home. Great for any building, home or office, Turn & Tilt Windows are capable of opening both fully from the side or part way from the top, giving you more freedom to regulate airflow.

Gliding effortlessly open, TAMCO Sliding Windows are both beautiful and easy-to-use. Perfect for larger rooms, our Sliding Windows still offer all the benefits of TAMCO windows, such as Thermal insulation, Sand proofing, etc. while still smoothly riding on high quality steel tracks, making them a great choice for any home.

TAMCO Tilt & Slide Windows are a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. Great for large, wide rooms & Majlisses, Tilt & Slide windows can be fully slid open on high quality steel tracks or tilted open from the top to allow fresh air into your home.

TAMCO Fixed Glaze Windows are windows that are affixed to one position and do not open. Fixed Windows are perfect for high up, hard to reach areas where you wouldn’t need to open any windows but still want to let in natural light.

TAMCO Windows:

Thermal Insulation

TAMCO technology keeps your house well insulated against the heat and keeps the temperature down

Dust Proof & Water Resistant

Great for keeping out sand, dirt and water with TAMCO’s high quality sealant techniques

Energy Efficient

With heat insulation and reflective technologies, your energy bill can greatly reduce

Low Maintenance

No painting, polishing or varnishing is required to keep our products looking beautiful and clean

High Impact Durability

Extra strength materials and manufactured to last, TAMCO windows are capable of withstanding high impact distress

Noise Reducing

With Noise Insulating technology, honking, yelling and other obnoxious outside noises are greatly reduced

TAMCO Window Gallery

Not sure what kind of windows to go with? Peruse the TAMCO Window Gallery for some ideas and remember that we can customize your windows to any shape!

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Custom Glass Design

With TAMCO, customization doesn’t end with the shape & design of the window. We offer a huge variety of glasses that can be customized by color, style or even personally drawn designs by you or one of our design engineers. Check out our gallery to get some ideas for your next project!

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